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Shared Server Hosting
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Enterprise Account
Monthly rate $249.99
Pre-paid rate as low as $199.99
Setup Fee $99.99
Microsoft Access Optional
SQL Enterprise Manager 50
JDBC Connectivity MagicMail Server
ODBC Connectivity 10
SQL Query Analyzer Yes
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Yes
Bandwidth (GB) Yes
Bandwidth Throttling Yes
Disk Space (MB) Yes
Static Domain IP Yes
Additional Domains Yes
Cold Fusion MX Every 3 hours
Flash Remoting Yes
JRUN 3.1 Yes
WAP Wireless Yes
Order Now Order Now
Anonymous FTP Yes
POP3 E-mail Accounts Windows 2003
E-mail Server 99.9%
FTP Accounts Yes
Web-based E-mail Yes
Hardware and Support
Direct Backbone Connectivity Yes
Backup Interval 30 GB
Multiple DS3 Connetivity No
UPS Generator 3000 MB
Daily Server Backups Yes
24/7 Server Monitoring Unlimited
System Operating System Yes
99.9% Uptime Yes
Macromedia Flash Support Yes
Macromedia Shockwave Support Yes
Streaming Video Support Yes
Individual Secure Server (SSL) Yes
Password Protect Directories Yes
Shared Secure Server (SSL) Yes
Live Stats Web Statistics Yes
Raw Log Access Yes
Urchin Stats Yes